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Brian D. Silber Spine Tumor Clinic
Brain Tumor Center @ MGH
Telephone (617) 724-8770
Fax (617) 724-8769
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20th Annual
Brian D. Silber Memorial
Golf Tournament
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
The Meadow at Peabody
Shotgun: Noon
Dinner to follow at Spinelli's
For more information,
please visit the website
or call 978-535-4788.
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The MGH Spine Tumor Clinic is dedicated to providing multidisciplinary care for patients with tumors of the spine. At the Clinic, neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, radiation oncologists, and neuro-oncologists collaborate to diagnose and treat patients with these rare tumors. The MGH Spine Tumor Clinic also focuses on research into the cause of spine and spinal cord tumors.

The Brian D. Silber Memorial Fund
Supporting the
Brian D. Silber Spine Tumor Clinic
in the Brain Tumor Center at MGH

MGH Brain Tumor Center
Yawkey Building 9th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts, 02114

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The Brian D. Silber Memorial Fund

Brian D. Silber
Brian's Story - It started off as an ordinary jog. Brian Silber was running his favorite course on  an early spring day in 1993. However, the back pain that followed was anything but ordinary. A year later Brian was diagnosed with a malignant spinal cord tumor. After treatments including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, Brian died in 1996, when he was just 28 years old.

Brian was an outstanding young man whose intelligence and warmth touched all who knew him. He graduated with honors from Tufts University where he majored in economics. He was an accomplished athlete who played baseball, basketball, and tennis. As a young adult Brian achieved great success in his career as a sales executive, where he was viewed as a rising professional.  In spite of his many gifts, Brian remained modest and humble and always reached out to help other people. Even during his illness he would awaken at five o'clock in the morning to serve breakfast to homeless families. Most importantly, Brian showed tremendous caring and kindness to all, whether they were close friends and family or casual acquaintances. Throughout his life, Brian made a difference in the lives of others.

When it became clear that he wouldn't beat his cancer, Brian remained true to character and requested that a fund be established to support research on spinal tumors and to improve the outcome for spine tumor patients. Spinal cord tumors are so rare that little direct study has been undertaken, and they are typically treated according to principles used to combat brain tumors. Brian was frustrated by this, and it was Brian's hope that monies raised would help to change this for the better. To make Brian's dream become a reality, Brian's family established the Brian D. Silber Memorial Fund, a charitable organization, and the complementary fund at Massachusetts General Hospital.
Brian's Fund at MGH provides support for spinal cord tumor research, clinical services, and educational programs. The Fund is dedicated to the ultimate goal of finding a cure for spinal cord tumors.
With the 1999 opening of the Brian D. Silber Spine Tumor Clinic, it is clear that Brian's Fund is making a difference. The Fund serves as a source of support for the operation of this unique patient care and research clinic. Brian's family feels that it is a tribute to Brian to sustain his memory in such a meaningful and vitally important way.
As of January 2017, the 2,200,000 donated to the Brian D. Silber Memorial Fund at MGH has supported the following:

  • Establishment and operation of the Brian D. Silber Spine Tumor Clinic at MGH
  • Establishment of a named laboratory in memory of Brian D. Silber at MGH
  • Expansion of MGH’s Pediatric Neurosurgery Service to include special expertise in the management of spinal cord tumors in children
  • Rapid expansion of specialized image-guided photon therapy for spinal tumors
  • Research on astrocytomas in the laboratory of Dr. Arnab Chakravarti, Director, Molecular and Cellular Radiation Neuro-Oncology Laboratory, MGH
  • Research on spinal tumors in the laboratory of Dr. Scott Plotkin, Director, Neurofibromatosis Clinic, MGH
  • Research on spinal cord astrocytoma genomics by Dr. Ganesh Shankar, Clinical Fellow in Neurosurgery, MGH
  • Initiation of international, chemotherapy clinical trials
  • Completion of a clinical study on the long-term outcome of spinal cord tumor patients treated by radiation
  • Purchase of an AGFA Imaging Center, for viewing spinal images, and a Digitimer Cortical Stimulator, for monitoring during spinal surgery
  • Fourteen Brian D. Silber Lectureships featuring Drs. Fred Epstein, Darell Bigner, Michael C. V. Jensen, Roy Patchell, J. Gregory Cairncross, Mark Bilsky, Antonino Raco, Paul McCormick, Kenneth Aldape, Peter Gerszten, Donald McDonald, Laurence Rhines, George Jallo, and Viviane Tabar
  • First Brian Silber Spine Oncology Symposium, April 2014
  • Publication of numerous scientific articles by members of the Spine Tumor Clinic
  • Establishment of a web site at
  • Preparation and distribution of Spine Tumor Center brochure to New England physicians
Donations to the
Brian D. Silber Memorial Fund
to support the
Spine Tumor Clinic at the
MGH Brain Tumor Center
Massachusetts General Hospital
Development Office
125 Nashua Street, Suite 540
Boston, MA 02114-1101
Or contact the
Development Office
at 617-726-2200
(MGH Giving Web Site)
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